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Built in 1976, the school's appearance is pleasing and well groomed. Students feel proud of their school and contribute to its cleanliness. Recently Chesterton was the beneficiary of a makeover provided by the Pearson Foundation. Approximately 200 volunteers helped clean up and beautify the landscaping, freshened up the murals on the outside walls and refreshed some classrooms.

Chesterton has also received upgrades thanks to Proposition MM, including a new lunch court shelter, interior and exterior painting, flooring, carpeting, improved access for the physically disabled, technology and electrical upgrades, playground equipment, paving, security gates, and roofing. The school and grounds are neat and attractive. We enjoy a very low incidence of graffiti or vandalism. Community members are alert and tend to report suspicious activities around the school. In general, students have a positive attitude toward their school and play a major role in its upkeep. All emergency facilities needs are reported immediately to the district for repair and are handled in a timely manner. District personnel come to the school to assess the need and establish a timeline for all repairs.

Providing safe and well-maintained schools is a top priority for the school district. To ensure that all classrooms and facilities are maintained in a manner that supports instruction, a scheduled maintenance program is administered by the district. 

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